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Lamp shades... an instant update

Well hey there,

This week I’m answering your questions in a little mini series called “Tatum Talk's”. I am often asked about lamp shades so today I wanted to give you a quick overview of the types of shades that are out in the retail world.


Designer Tip

In a space with multiple lamps, floor and table, ensure the lamp shades are friendly. For instance, having a drum shade with an empire shade can work, however you want to unify them by the color of the shade, and the color of the light bulb. This will create a cohesive and curated experience to your space.


Types of Shades

Drum Shade

This is my favorite. It updates any lamp base instantly.

This simple cylinder shade has round openings with vertical sides. It disperses light equally up and down and complements transitional and contemporary style lamps.


Empire Shade

Narrow at the top, wider at the bottom. More of a traditional style shade.


Coolie Shade

This extreme cone-shaped shade has a significantly larger bottom diameter. It brightly lights below, while emitting a softer light above. They create a striking profile on contemporary lamps. This shape is starting to trend currently. Looks fabulous on a round base.


Bell Shade

This graceful cone-like shade has concave sides and usually emits ambient light through soft shade material. Usually, this sort of shade is used for lamps with a vintage traditional look. This style dates any lamp right now. If you are going for a vintage look.. stick with it, but if not, it may be time to think about purchasing a new shade.


Geometric Shade

These square, rectangular, hexagon or octagon shaped shades usually have vertical sides, but may be tapered. They go well with lamps that have a modern designs.


Oval Shade

This elliptical shade is essentially an elongated version of the standard drum shade. Its rounded ends give it a softer feel than sharper geometric shades.

There you have it friends. Lamps shades 101. To instantly update a space, look at your shades and ask yourself if they could be refreshed.

Bye For Now,



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