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Last Minute Easter Ideas

Hello Decor Friends,

I hope you have plans this weekend to celebrate and be with those you love. Whether you celebrate Easter or the joy and wonder of a new season, I wanted to share with you a couple cute ideas for some last minute Easter decor.

A cabbage is a super simple, inexpensive, readily available container to host some tulips or any other seasonal flower. Adds such great texture and color. Be sure to have plastic wrap or a plate under your cabbage as it will begin to sweat and you do not want a mess all over your tablecloth.

Cut the center of the cabbage out and place a small plastic or glass cup inside, fill with water and add your flowers. Voila…a gorgeous Easter arrangement.

The simplicity of the egg and egg cup. Co-ordinating your egg color to your simple posey of flowers, makes your table look so chic and put together.

Any kiddos at your Easter table? I love this idea of filling “pots” with hummus and adding raw veggies to the top. Such a cute and delicious way to get those kiddos to eat their veggies.

Happy Easter friends.

May you know and experience hope, joy and peace this weekend.



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