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Last Minute Easter Table Ideas

Hello Decor Friends,

Today we are celebrating all things spring! And more specifically table top ideas. These fabulous inspirations can be used on your Easter table and through out the spring. Not only will your tabletop look amazing, but these ideas can easily be moved to your mantle to create a lovely spring vignette.

These gorgeous fresh flowers have been arranged in a paper mâché vase. Adorable right. A nod to an egg and fabulous texture this DIY that involves, newspaper, glue, paint and a balloon adds whimsy and delight to any table top. Will you give this a go. A fun actives to do with littles.


Designer Tip

Your flowers need to be housed in a water tight vase. Then add the vase to the paper mâché bowl.


Nothing says spring like blooming tulips and chocolate bunnies. By adding the addition of the pink bow on the chocolate bunnies, this table top looks intentional, thought out and very cohesive.

This idea is a nod to the traditional with a twist. A small posey of flowers housed in a teacup placed inside a cloche, adorned with moss makes an eye catching centerpiece that seamlessly blends old with new.

There is something about the sleek look of topiaries. The gorgeous green, contrasts with faux eggs that have been added to make this an Easter tree. A wonderful way to utilize and extend the life of a topiary. Would you consider giving this a try?

There you have it friends. Whatever you may celebrate my wish for you is that you find and experience true hope and daily inspirations.

Bye For Now,



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