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Let it Glow

Hello Decor Friends,

Are you in the middle of your holiday decorating? Today I wanted to send you a little inspirational video. When you are hosting and or want to enjoy a peaceful night at home, there is nothing like the glow of a candle. Today friends, let me show you how to create a stunning candle display that you cn delight in both day and night.

In the video I have used a brushed gold tray- but you can use any material , and if you have a bare tabletop, no tray is needed.

Grab, candle holders that are of varying shapes and sizes. In the video I have used mercury glass. You can use colored glass or clear glass.


Designer Tip #1.

When using clear glass, think about using colored candles- add some wow with your candle. Metallic shades or colorful brights, you choose what will compliment your holiday color story. The possibilities are endless.


Now, start putting your arrangement together. I want you to think;

1. Height differences

2. Texture contrast- you will achieve this through utilizing different types of holders and or with the “filler” pieces you use in between your candles.

3. Color - either monochromatic, like my display in the video, or colorful. Whatever suits your fancy.

Once you have your candleholders spread out on your tray or table, fill in the spaces, I have used, fresh and faux greenery, small Christmas ornaments with the color story I am working with, faux snow and or pinecones could be really cute too.

Voila, friends, you have just created a gorgeous glowing candlelight display. Battery operated candles can be used if an open flame is a concern.

Have fun creating your personalized candle display. Send me pictures, I can’t wait to see what you create.

Bye For Now,



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