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Let's add some instant curb appeal

Hello Decor Friends,

Dropping in to give you some ideas to add a bit of curb appeal/spring refresh to the exterior of your home.

Check out these fabulous make your street numbers stand out. From sleek and modern, to playful and whimsical, you can be sure to find a style that works with your home.


Designer Tip

Adding a textural element to your house numbers create’s instant interest. The moss numbers, pillow and the stenciled numbers on the flower pots, are sure fire ways your home will not be forgotten.


When choosing the style that best represents your home, ask yourself these questions. Is the exterior of my home, formal, do I want my house numbers illuminated, are my house numbers easily seen from the street? Do I have enough color contrast for the numbers to show up clearly?

Would love to know, if your numbers will be getting a refresh this weekend?

Bye For Now



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