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Let Your Light Shine

Hello Decor Friends,

There is always such anticipation with long weekends. The knowledge of one more day is thrilling! I hope you get to enjoy some R&R with friends and family these next few days.

Today I wanted to send you the quickest and most wallet friendly idea for adding some fall decor into your spaces this weekend. It costs virtually pennies and you probably have a few of these items in your home already.

Drum roll please....the votive holder!

Look at these wonderful fall inspired holders. The colors nod to what is happening out our windows. The anticipation of change and a new season. Votive holders are a decorating accessory staple for me. They can be used in literally every room in your home, inside and outside. My theory is you can never have enough votive holders!

Let me share with you 5 designer tips when it comes to adding candles to your space.

  1. Grouping holders together creates greater impact.

  2. Mixing colored glass together creates a wonderful eclectic look.

  3. Using clear glass creates a more uniform look.

  4. Combining several different sizes together increases visual interest.

  5. The uniformity of repeating the same size creates a cohesive and calming feeling.

Which ever look you prefer. May you enjoy the flicker of candlelight by night and enjoy the beauty of the glass by day.

Happy Weekend Everyone,



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