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Light It Up

Hello Decor Friends,

I want to show how you can use a tiny and inexpensive decor accessory to transform your indoors and outdoor spaces in minutes.

Meet the battery operated string light, referred to as “fairy lights”. From dollar store, to Amazon, Walmart and Target, fairy lights can find their way into your home no matter where you live. These little lights can punctuate a space, accentuate an area, provide instant ambiance, add instant cheer,

Here are a couple quick ways you can use fairy lights in your home or garden.

Add a string of lights to anything glass. Either clear or colored glass, both can look beautiful and can be used equally in your decor.


Designer Tip:

Stick to one colored light. If you love clear lights, stick to clear lights. If you love the look of colored lights, stick to those. Mixing color and clear lights could work against the feeling you are trying to achieve by confusing the eye around color.


One idea for those of you that love color, is to add clear lights to a colored glass piece. These wine bottles are the perfect example of adding clear lights to colored bottles.

Look how gorgeous these bottles look adorning an outdoor table.

Lanterns are another perfect opportunity to fill with fairy lights. Not only do they look great but provide an option when kiddos are around. No open flame required.

Fairy lights can be used indoor too. Adding lights to the frame of a large mirror adds whimsy and interest. Perfect for a teenage girls room!

Lastly, layering fairy lights, into a mason jar while enjoying string lights on the spine of an outdoor umbrella, created wonderful atmosphere and helps to achieve outdoor living at its best.

Anyone going to try fairy lights in their home or garden?

Have a wonderful week,

Bye for Now,



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