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Look at these

Hello Decor Friends,

What a wonderful weekend we have ahead of us Time to enjoy being with friends and family.

I wanted to send you some inspirations for your Easter/spring time table.

I love the color stories that are represented through these unique table settings.

As you look at these pictures, think spring, I I want you to identify 3 ways you can give your Easter table “designer legs” to take you from now to summer.

Here are a few Designer Tips

  1. Utilizing various white vases on your table allows you to fill them with anything fresh or faux. I love the iris theme represented on the purple table cloth.

  2. Paper table runners- pure genius, gives a casual vibe and can be very functional when it comes to kiddo’s at the table, built in entertainment. Perhaps your little ones can have a pack of crayons included as their plate decor?

  3. Produce- in this case, yellow lemonss injects springtime fun, and yet not Easter specific.

  4. I love a low centerpiece on my table. This ensure you can see everyone. Using cutting boards as you base and adding little bud vases is a fantastic way to add spring time, Easter flair to you table this weekend.

  5. Sticking to a tight color story like the one represented in white, yellow tulip sand rattan, gives you freedom to use those colors in different applications. Having a style guidepost is a great way to keep your table looking curated and thoughtful.

What three design take aways have you been inspired by?

Wishing you hope and joy as you celebrate this season.



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