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Are You Ready to Refresh?

Do you currently own any furniture pieces that are the colors represented in your pictures? For example, is your sofa the color you want represented in your space? Is your current bedding helping to establish the feeling you want in that space? Take inventory. What do you currently own, what would you need to think about buying, changing, upcycling. Remember not every missing piece needs to be bought. Would a slipcover or a coat of paint change the look and feel without having to buy?

Do the wall colors you currently have represent and aid in creating the feeling you want to experience in this space. Yes? fantastic you are on your way. No? head to the paint store, with your pictures in hand, and if you have a fabric sample, or something that will be staying in your room as a guide to help you SAMPLE colors..

Are there pieces of furniture that are missing that are crucial for achieving the feeling you want in your home? For example, you want a super comfortable reading area. Do you own a cozy chair that you can curl up and read in? If yes fabulous! If not, add it to your “need” list.

Do you want a fresh, open space? Do you have piles of clutter in your room that detract from the feeling of fresh and open? Decor friends now is the time to de-clutter. Having open spaces helps to visual what could be. When every corner has “items” in it you are robbing yourself the ability to dream about your refreshed space. Calming your room down by taking out the piles and things that live in every corner will start you off already feeling accomplished and on your way to a new room. Take Action- write out your answers- Chat with someone you live with...” Last week we talked about how you can determine the colors that represent the ideal feeling you want in your home. Next step is getting ourselves organized to start taking calm and confident action in our spaces. Meet Julie- she is a client of mine and we went though the steps together of clearly identifying what she wanted the feeling of her home to be. She took the time to think about what colors she liked to put in her newly created space. She screen shotted pictures that she liked that expressed the feeling she wanted in her family room. Together we figured out where those colors should be in her space. By looking at the pictures and narrowing down what she liked, she came to a confident conclusion the color story she wanted to proceed with. Today I’m going to give you the secret formula for determining where those colors should show up in your space, and how to organize what you currently have to get you to a plan to move forward, without the feeling of dread, and panic. You inspirational pictures are going to be crucial for this step. Pull them up and sit down to allow yourself the time and space to think and plan. When you confidently make these decisions, it will allow you to move forward with your project. And friend, if you find yourself debating, what to do next, or find yourself stuck... I’m here for you. How would you feel if you could ask me all your design questions directly? Well, I have a group that does exactly that every week! They send me pictures, ask questions and I help them create the home of their dreams. I am their personal home decor concierge consultant! It’s called Cavendish Lane Community. You can check it out here. Friends, you are doing so well. The “before” stuff of decluttering and planning is never what we see on the 30 minute HGTV shows but it is an important step as it will save you time and money as you move confidently and calmly towards creating the room that reflects you and your family. Thanks for stopping in today, Bye for Now ~Tatum


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