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My Favorite Decor Item Right Now

Hey Decor Friends,

There is one thing that I have been using a lot of in all my design projects. In fact I have used them in residential, business and vacation home projects. The item I am referring to is an indoor outdoor area rug.

Let me tell you why I love this item.

There are so many styles to choose from.

Durability is amazing.

Fabulous price point compared to a traditional area rugs.

Cleaning and upkeep is easy.

They are available in all shapes and sizes.

There are several textures to choose from that mimic a true indoor rug.

You can purchase these online as well as in larger big box stores.

Here are a few of my favorites right now. Pattern, colors and texture, these area rugs have it all.

Places I am using outdoor rugs in my interior designs are in; foyers, under tables, laundry rooms, porch’s and in fact a few kids bathrooms.

Tell me, do you use indoor, outdoor area rugs in your home?

Bye For Now,



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