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My Favorite Winter Decor Accessory

Hey Decor Friends,

The weeks between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas can often make home decor tricky. Maybe you are full on Christmas, maybe you wait until after American Thanksgiving to bring out the holiday decor. There is no right of wrong here, remember your home is yours. 

The calendar does not get to boss your home decor around! 

Today, I wanted to share a decor element that you can use from now until the end of winter. It is one of my all time favorites. I faithfully use it in my home and encourage clients to utilize it in their homes. Drum roll please…….meet mercury glass. A fabulous material that can range from gold, silver, rose gold, whites, cremes and  deep saturated colors. If you can dream it, there is a mercury glass, original or knock off that will elevate every color story. 

Mercury glass can be sprinkled around your house to add winter flair. This decor element works double duty as it brings cheer and color by day and when lit up at night it casts a warm, subtle glow.

Mercury glass can be found in all sorts of sizes, shapes and applications. Grouped together they make an impressive statement. Or a stand alone piece, like a mercury base lamp brings a wonderful texture to any room.


~ Designer Tip ~

For higher visual impact, group like colors together.


Be inspired decor friends to add some mercury glass into your winter decor.

Bye For Now


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I love your suggestion of mercury glass. They are great with candles in them lit at night and during the day they do catch the light. It creates such a warm feeling. I stepped a little out of my comfort zone to use the mercury glass and so glad I did.

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