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My top tips for adding color into your room

Hello Decor Friends,

Today I wanted to share with you my top tips for adding a new color, an accent color, or a pop of color into your home. However you think of color, the formulas is simple. In order for the color to be a true “accent’ or “pop “ it needs to be visible in at least 3 different applications in your room.

These are my top tips for adding color into your room.

  1. Pillow covers

  2. Area rug

  3. Table top accessories- picture frames, vases, candle holders, baskets, fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit, colorful dishes

Did you see what I did there, I just gave you numerous options. No need to go out and purchase new things- although you can if you want a refresh. You can move items from one room to another to bring in accent color.

If you have extra time or dollars you could consider these ideas too.

  • Add a lamp in a fun color.

  • Use curtains in a pretty accent color.

  • Paint the inside of bookshelves.

  • Paint a dining room chair a pop of color.

I hope you have been inspired to add some color into you space this season.

Bye For Now,



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