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Narrow Hallway Dilemma

Hey Decor Friends,

Today I’m answering a question from our fabulous online community.

“ How do I decorate a long narrow hallway? Are there tricks to making the hallway appear larger and wider”.

Such a great question. Often times in older homes, there are long narrow hallways that can lead to bedrooms, a basement or flex space. Here are some sure fire ways to make a narrow hallway feel larger.

  1. Paint the end wall or trim a contrasting or accent color. This draws your eye towards the back of the space.

  2. Lighting- go bigger and REPEAT the same lighting fixture down the hallway. Repetition offers a place for your eye to land. Think interesting shapes, glass and metal options keep your eye moving through (the glass)

  3. Paint your walls a neutral color. Consider painting your ceiling a lighter version of the wall color. Keep contrast minimal but allows the eye to see a difference in the saturation of color.

  4. Add wainscoting with vertical lines.

  5. Mirror your decor on either sides of the hallway. Hang pictures the same height, same frame color to elicit more repetition with a mirror image effect.

  6. If you are adding a runner on the floors, look for vertical stripes or diagonals as the pattern. The textile lines, lead your eye.

  7. If you have to have doors coming off the hallway, consider changing them out with door panels that have glass. Clear, frosted, rippled, texture, keeps the space feeling as open as possible, and allows light in from other rooms.

I would love to know how you have approached decorating a narrow hallway.

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Happy weekend decor friends,



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