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Pillow Love, My Top 3 Amazon Picks

Hello Decor Friends,

This week I wanted to share with you some fabulous pillow cover options from AMAZON!!

I know the world is still weird in some parts of the world, but Amazon has remained a true delivery option, so with out further delay, let me introduce you to “Hofdeco” a brand found on Amazon.

As always, I do not recommend any products, I have to used personally or professionally with my design and or staging clients.

What I love about Hofdeco.

  1. They offer INDOOR and OUTDOOR pillow cover options.

  2. Fabulous colors, sizes, textures to choose from.

  3. Online you can see pillow families grouped together. So it takes the guess work out of creating your pillow story.

  4. They get delivered straight to your door.

  5. Quality textiles that rival top notch options.

This indoor/outdoor pillow comes in varies sizes and color options. I ordered the blue, and it is phenomenal.

These two ticking pillows are the perfect pillow BFF’s! The tassel pillow has become an all time favorite for me.

Cavendish Lane Design does include affiliate links which may result in a tiny commission for our company. Thanks for the support! - tassel pillow - blue and tan ticking pillow

Looking for other patterns and designs? Check out Hofdeco, you won’t be disappointed.

Bye for Now,

Happy Shopping,



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