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Pillow Perfection

Hey Decor Friends,

Have you ever walked into a home and thought, where do I sit? Why are there more pillows than people in this space? Maybe you get flustered and overwhelmed with the idea of purchasing new pillows so you continue to live with the ones that “came with your sofa”, but you purchased your sofa 10 years ago. It’s okay friends, over the next month I am going to send you designer tip’s on how you can achieve the perfect pillow combination that looks curated and reflects your personal style and would rival any Pinterist post:)

By the end of this mini series all the mystery around pillow perfection will all be revealed and you will confidently be able to chose what looks best for your space.

Are you ready?

Here’s a bird’s eye view of what you can expect over the next 4 weeks in this mini series I am calling it “Perfecting your Pillow Game”.

  1. Creating your cohesive color story.

  2. How to mix pattern and texture like a pro.

  3. Size matters.

  4. No fail combo’s.

See you back here next week to begin our pillow journey. Until then, be inspired by these gorgeous statement making, beautiful and functional pillows are that are currently trending now.

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Bye For Now



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