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Put a Pumpkin On It

Hey Decor Friends,

Does it feel like fall in your neck of the woods? Here in North Carolina, summer temps are holding firm. There is such a great variety of faux and fresh pumpkins that can fit every budget, style and taste. So without further adieu. I introduce the pumpkin squad of 2020


Felt pumpkins. The texture of these guys is unique and is perfect for eliciting feelings of warm and cozy, while you cool down in your air conditioned house.


These artificial pumpkins have fabulous texture and with a variety of sizes can add a little bit of pumpkin fun without being too on the nose about about it. The hints of gold elevate these guys to have a more classic and formal appearance.


A painted pumpkin, a yarn pumpkin and a wood pumpkin. Meet the textural trio. Fabulous together or separated out, these guys can take you through to Thanksgiving.


Velvet, nothing says fall like the luxurious feeling of velvet. These fabulous pumpkins elicit all the fall feelings. Celebrate the season of color with these pumpkins.


Bye For Now



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