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Refresh for Less

Hello Decor Friends,

This week is all about refreshing our spaces using ordinary picture frames and repurposing them to provide style and function in our homes. If you re a DIYer at heart, you are going to love these suggestions. If not, maybe you have a kiddo who could use an easy project to keep them occupied over the next few days.

Here are 3 ideas that you can personalize for your interior spaces.

Ornate or simple, any frame can be turned into a pin board.

Paint it to personalize to your liking, add some burlap to the backing and you have a gorgeous pin board to adorn any wall space to provide chic storage and display capabilities.

A chalk board is a functional and stylish decor accessory.

Used in either your family spaces or personalized for a child’s bedroom or playroom, repurposing an old picture frame by painting the frame and then painting the inside with chalk board paint, you have created a functional and style style accessory.

Picture frames can be utilized as artwork on a wall.

Combine several different shapes and sizes, paint them and arrange them on a wall to create a fabulous, one of a kind work of art. Refreshing and repurposing can make for gorgeous results.

Friends, do not underestimate the power of refreshing and repurposing old picture frames. They can bring new life, new color, new texture, new personality, new function to your interior spaces.

Anyone going to give these a try?

Bye For Now,



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