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Rugs Over Carpet. Yes you can!

Hello Decor Friend,

Today I’m answering a common decorating question. It’s a great question, maybe you have wondered. “Can you put an area rug over carpet”?

The answer is YES! Let me give you a few reasons why adding an area rug over a carpet could be an excellent decision for your space.

Area rugs can be a wallet friendly way to refresh a room. Price tags for area rugs can vary, but for the purpose of a refresh, finding something affordable with style savvy is absolutely attainable. A couple of my tried and true favorite places to shop for area rugs are: Homegoods/Homesense, RugsUSA, Pottery barn, West Elm, Annie Selke and Amazon. Stay tuned as I will be reviewing the brand Ruggable in a few weeks,

Layering an area rug over a carpet helps to create a cozy environment. Bedrooms are fantastic area’s to begin layering rugs.

Area rugs help to define a space. If you have a carpeted multi-purpose room, adding an area rug under a table, or in front of a sofa will give you an instant definition of space.

If you’re a renter, layering an area rug over carpet will help protect your security deposit.

Designer Tip


Consider using a rug pad between the layers. This can help ensure that your rug is properly anchored against your carpet fibers, preventing slippage.


There you have it friends. Thank you for sending in your questions.

Bye For Now,



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