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Say Good bye to Boring Walls

Hello Decor Friends,

2020 has been…interesting to say the least!! Predictions for the color stories in 2021 have already been released. I thought I would pass on to you the colors that Sherwin Williams are saying will trend BIG time next year.

Remember friends, your home reflects you and your families stories, past , present and future. You decide if these colors will add something to your home. Trending predictions are not the boss of you, but can be a wonderful inspiration. Adding or changing color to your walls will instantly change the look and feel of your rooms.

So without further adieu, here are some of the predicted colors that you are going to be seeing on walls everywhere next year. There are actually 40 trendy colors, that have been broken down in to 4 color palettes. The theme is “Rhythm of Color”. Here is a snap shot of the predictions. As always one of the tools that Sherwin Williams offers is co-ordinating colors. As you pursue these colors, look and see if one of the additional colors speaks to you. This is a jumping off point for creating your personalized color story.

Warm Nature Inspired Neutrals:

Rich Earth Tones

Fresh Modern Hues

Happy Jewel Tones

There you have it friends. I hope these colors inspire you, Happy Weekend,

Bye For Now,


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