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Small Bathroom? No problem.

Hello Decor Friends,

Today we are chatting about making the most out of a small powder room or bathroom.

First let’s talk functionality. In a small space you need to decide if storage is necessary and if so how much? After that decision is made, you know what type of vanity you will want to use. Be inspired by the powder rooms featured below.

Using an open vanity (top row left to right), allows some storage with a pretty basket, but also encorporates a towel bar. Brilliant use of space. Adding drama to a small space using color is the perfect way to pack in personality.

Wall mounted sinks may be the solution for your small bathroom. Not taking away from precious square footage, a wall mount adds interest and drama. I love the duo color sink.

By layering wallpaper and adding an interesting “mirror” gallery wall, this small footprint, is anything but boring. Papering your powder room is the perfect place to go wild with color and pattern.

This gorgeous curved vanity has storage, but with feet, allowing visual space between the bottom of the vanity and floor, this curved silhouette, is a show stopper in a subtle, unexpected way.

A narrow cabinet has been repurposed into a vanity with the addition of a countertop, sink, faucet and plumbing. Customizing a piece of furniture to create something unique ensures your small bathroom packs a lot of style punch.

Anything reflective in a small space, is a style winner. A mirrored vanity, with clear glass on the shower and larger vanity mirror, ensure every square inch of this powder room is utilized.

Photos courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

There you have it friends,

Are you inspired to think about your powder room or small bathroom differently.

Until next time,

Bye For Now,



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