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Style Up the Functional Spaces - Resolution #6

Hey, decor friend,

I hope you are enjoying decorating resolution ’22. This mini series has helped me articulate some of the decorating goals I have for my personal home but also principles of design that I am implementing in clients homes.

Today we are talking about the forgotten area’s in our homes. The functional spaces that work hard, yet are often overlooked or at the bare minimum are at the bottom of our decorating to- do list.

Let me offer you some suggestions on how you can add some simple style and flair to the functional spaces in your home. Laundry room, toilet room, and mudroom will be the spaces that I want to give some love to today.

Laundry rooms, they are hard working, functional spaces that we spend a lot of time in. So without breaking the bank, you can easily add some colorful accessories through baskets, greenery and containers. All of the items are functional too. Do you have the option to take down some cabinets and have open shelving? Creating visual space, by getting rid of large cabinetry is a wonderful way to give a laundry room a quick update.

You do have walls in your laundry room. Paint them, wallpaper them, tile them, give them some attention. Who knows it may give your hardworking laundry room a welcomed refresh and in turn make the chore of laundry more enjoyable.

The water closet or toilet room, generally they are little guys, have very small footprints, however, these tiny spaces can look phenomenal if given some attention. Think walls again. Paint, wallpaper, tile. wainscoting, molding details. Could you handle any of these small space DIY’s?

Interesting shelving is not only functional but has style savvy. Place interesting objects, storage baskets and your shelves will look fantastic. Do you have a fabulous light in the water closet? Something interesting on the floor? Be it a rug, interesting tile or flooring, use the real estate in your toilet room to create something special.

Ahh, the mudroom. The space that houses hats, coats, shoes and myriad of other supplies for a busy household can be dressed up. Do not be afraid to mix materials. Pair wood with stone, brick and slate. Paint your door a fun color.


Designer Tip

In order to have the most visual impact with an accent color, be sure to repeat it at least 3 times in a space. This is illustrated with the turquoise in the mudroom. It was used 4 times. In the first mudroom photo, the brown wood tone is used multiple times, the door, the purse, the hat. Wood tone is a color! Use it to enhance the overall look of your space.


Use hardware that expresses some personality.

Don’t be afraid to decorate with greenery and other storage solutions that are stylish and functional.

There you have it friends,

Any inspirations come to mind?

Bye for Now



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