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The #1 Fall Decor Item

Hello Decor Friends,

Well it’s officially fall. The calendar finally caught up with all the fall decor that has been floating around since August. Today I wanted to inspire you to think about pumpkins in a new way. Faux or fresh they truly are the quintessential fall decor staple. Both inside and outside your home pumpkins are seasonally relevant and can be personalized to add tremendous style value to your space.

Remember when it comes to home decor, your home should reflect you. Be authentic. And know you do not need to add all the things. Scarecrows, pumpkins, plaid, straw, apples, they are wonderful elements but you don’t want your home to look like a store. Pair down, use what you have and be creative. Don’t let seasonal decor be the boss of you!

That being said, I hope you find these indoor pumpkin styling idea’s inspiring.


Designer Tip 

Our eye likes odd numbers. When creating a vignette either inside or outside your home, be sure to style with odd numbers.


Pumpkins make for a unique vessel to hold flowers.

Pull out that mod podge and decoupage a pumpkin.

Tacks make the perfect embellishment to turn a pumpkin into a stylish and personalized accessory.

Pumpkins and leaves, the perfect fall pairing.

Pull out those paint brush’s and create the perfect pumpkin for your space.

Adding faux vines around a pumpkins can adorn it with just enough color to work with any color story. Be sure the vines are seasonally relevant. 

Gourds make the perfect candle holders.

There you have it friends. Some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. How are you going to add pumpkins to your home this season?

Bye For Now,



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