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The 5th Wall. Have you Met?

Hey Decor Friends,

2021 here we come! I thought to kick off the year I would introduce you to the concept of the 5th wall.

Simply put, the 5th wall is the ceiling in your room, and it can be painted to created drama, inject personality and visual attention in any space.

In order for your 5th wall to serve you at it highest potential, you want to choose a space that has crown moulding or some sort of trim detail between the wall and ceiling. This delineation is an important detail. It separates the “walls” with a visually impactful element.


Designer Tip

If you want to try this design idea, start somewhere small, like a bathroom, or small office. The space you choose needs a window as a natural light source will add to the overall effect of a painted ceiling by maintaining a feeling of openness.


Be inspired friends, to think about the 5th wall as an opportunity to add personality and color to a space in you home. Would love to know, will you try this? Have you tried this.

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Bye For Now Friends



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