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The Blooming Pumpkin

Hello Decor Friends,

Today I have a fabulous last minute idea that anyone can add to a table, inside or outside that is seasonally relevant, adds texture, color and a lot of personality.

Meet the blooming pumpkin.

Be inspired to create one for yourself. To all my Canadian friends, this could look stunning on your Thanksgiving table this weekend.


Designer Tip

Any color flower will look spectacular in the blooming pumpkin, however if you are wanting this to be a centerpiece on your table, be sure to tie in your flowers to another element on your table. For example, if you are using burgundy napkins, add hits of burgundy to your arrangement. Your eye will love the cohesion, your table will look like it was set by a pro.


Have a fabulous weekend friends, and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks.

Bye For Now,



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