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The Center of Attention

Hey Decor Friends,

Today I wanted to give you a few quick thoughts about styling your dinning room table. Have you ever walked into a dinning room and thought “wow I love what’s going on here” ?  Well, let me pass on to you 3 thoughts about your table and how you can achieve the wow factor.

Yes, finally, bigger is better friends. Pick one large item to be the focal point: an urn, lantern, bowl, or pot. Something that draws your eye towards the center of the table and without a doubt is the main attraction.

Less is more- don’t try to add “all the things” at once, especially if they are all small and similar in size. All the things will confuse your eye and you are wanting to create a cohesive look. Remember the odd rule- our eye likes order and order is found in odd numbers. So if you have a trio of candlesticks on your table, your eye will read it as a happy grouping. If you have 4 candlesticks, the even number will throw your eye and it will not read your grouping as friendly. Remember odds rule!

Last tip: Put your bunnies, pumpkins, watermelons away at the end of each season. I know at times our dinning rooms may not see a lot of use between holidays, but seriously people bunnies should not be hopping around your table in August. Just a friendly reminder to let the seasons guide your table decor and allow the turning of the calendar pages to remind you to switch out what is adorning your table. 



Break each season up into two parts. For example, early summer and late summer.


Early summer I use a lot of glass, blues, green, drift wood etc. In late summer, I replace those items with sunflowers, corks and grasses as an example. For those of you who like to change things up, you’re welcome. Perhaps you have loads of accessories. Tabletops provide a great opportunity to use all your pretty things. Just not all together :)

There you have it friend s- remember these 3 simple tips and your dinning room table will look fabulous, all year long.

~Bye For Now,



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