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The Decorative Superpower of a Basket

Hey Decor Friends,

Bringing you 3 easy ideas to introduce some rattan into your home. With the hopes of spring on the horizon, adding texture is a quick and easy fix to inject a little spring into your home

Rattan can come in many colors, price points, shapes and sizes. Do not be afraid to think outside the box when bringing baskets into your home.

Here are 3 ideas.

Add a gorgeous plant into a lovely basket and you have created visual

interest through color and texture. Baskets give plants a more relaxed look.

Do you have baskets that are unique shapes? Display them. The casual feel of these baskets contrasts so beautifully with the traditional China cabinet. Adds a layer of color, texture and visual interest to this space. Don’t forget the large bottle neck basket that graces the side of the cabinet. A little whimsy and personality. Purely decorative and delightful.

We know baskets can be functional in our home too. I absolutely adore these scalloped baskets. They can be purchased through Amazon. Not your average run of the mill fruit bowl. They can also be used to corral your kids markers and crayons. Would look fabulous in a bathroom filled with hand towels or pretty soaps. Again, make your baskets work for you. Think outside the box friends. Baskets can be a decorating super power in your home

Interested in this item? Click here for super, duper easy shopping!

I challenge you to add a basket into your space this weekend,

Bye For Now



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