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The Perfect Decor Accessory

I’m excited! Today I’m going to introduce you to an accessory that initiates three of our senses.

Any guess’s what that accessory could be?

Here are a couple hints, not only will this accessory satisfy your sense of sight, but can also incorporate your sense of smell AND can help with your sense of hearing. What’s your guess?

Drum roll please……..let me introduce you to the wonderful world of greenery. Adding plants to your everyday spaces accomplishes so much.

Here are a few fun facts about adding plants to spaces.

  • Did you know that some plants can provide added health benefits by detoxifying the air in your home?

  • Plants are also helpful in reducing and muffling noise in a space. And who dosen’t need that during our time of quarantine when we are inside with all our people.

  • The aroma of some plants can bring a wonderful layered experience to your space.

  • Plants come in so many shades of green with the added bonus of accent colors, there is one that will fit nicely into your homes personal style.

  • Don’t have a green thumb? It’s okay, faux plants can provide such joyful color and texture in your space. Faux plants have come such a long way.

  • Plants come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Do you like sleek, contemporary shapes? Guess what there is a plant with those exact specifications.

  • Do you like large, leafy, unstructured plants? There is a plant out there that has your name on it.

  • Do you have an empty corner that is calling you to accessorize it? Add a large tall plant.

  • Do you have a bookshelf or mantel that is lacking personality? Add a plant.

  • Plants can be the answer to all your horizontal and vertical decorating conundrums.


Designer Tip

Grouping plants together, especially if they are small can add greater visual impact than scattering tiny, small plants around your space.


I hope you will think about giving green an opportunity to shine in your home. Your sense of sight, smell and hearing will thank you.

Who knew going green could provide so many added benefits to our home.

Happy Easter Friends,

May you experience true hope and understand new beginnings as we celebrate Easter. And if Easter is not a holiday you celebrate, may you experience joy and beauty in your home this weekend.

Bye For Now,



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