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The perfect paint color

Hello Decor Friends,

I wanted to send you a few of my favorite blue grey paint colors. The trick with paint is that it will wink of undertones, depending on the light and what else is in the space.


Designer Tip

Before committing to your paint color, always sample first. Either sourcing from samplize- the online paint sticker company or purchase a sample can of the paint color you are considering.


When you get your sample color, you want to see how it looks:

  1. By your floor.

  2. In the darkest corner of your space.

  3. In the brightest area of the room

  4. During the day.

  5. At night with your ambient lights on.

***** take pictures throughout the day of the color sample. As you know, light in a space changes the way color is experienced.

Do any off these colors catch your eye?

Happy painting

Bye for Now



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