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The Power of the Pinecone

Help Decor Friends,

The lowly pinecone. I want to inspire you today to think about how you can use these lovely organic elements in your holiday decor. Here are 5 reasons why I love the pinecone.

  1. The perfect filler for vases & bowls

  2. Different shapes, sizes and color

  3. Pinecones can become a wonderful way to add a personalized scent to your home. (See directions below)

  4. Spray with faux snow, glitter or paint to create new looks.

  5. Pinecones are the perfect accessory to transition to the winter months after the holidays are over.


Designer Tip Scenting pinecones.

Place pinecones in a large zip lock and add essential oil to the bag. Determine the strength of the aroma you want by adding the essential oil, one drop at a time.

Seal the bag for a few days. When you open it up your pinecones should add an wonderful holiday aromatic scent to your home. The longer they marinate in the bag, the stronger the scent.


Here are few pretty scents to combine together or use solo to create your very own signature blend. If you do not have access to essential oils, spraying a room air freshener into your zip lock could do the trick. Scenting your pinecones makes a fabulous hostess gift as you can adjust and personalize the scent you are gifting.

  • cinnamon

  • vanilla

  • clove

  • nutmeg

  • pine

  • wintergreen

  • peppermint

  • tangerine

  • orange

  • lemon

Happy pine-conning. How are you utilizing pinecones in your decor this season?

Bye For Now,



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