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The Super Power of Beadboard

Hello Decor Friends,

Today I wanted to share with you the decorating super power of beadbaord.

Beadboard is bought in sheets and applied directly to the wall. It has rows of narrow wood plants lined up vertically on the wall. In between each wood plank is an indentation or ridge- also know as the “bead”. The vertical boards are capped off by strips of horizontal molding, which finish off the seams.

Beadboard is sold in all kinds of inexpensive and durable materials, no longer just wood, MDF and vinyl beadboard sheets can be found at your local hardware store. I will now lovingly refer to beadbaord as BB in the remainder of this post!

I want to inspire you to think of new and different ways BB can take a “blah wall” in your home and turn it into something special.


Designer Tip

Choosing a dark moody paint color can transform your space into something with a more contemporary flair.

White offers a crisp contrast to any wall color and is an excellent choice if you are wanting a room to feel open and airy.


I want you to notice how the stain color on a ceiling application can be changed out with a wonderful paint color. With a simple coat of stain or paint, your ceiling can provide visual interest indoors or outdoors.

Bathrooms look fabulous with BB and can be customized to fit any style with the chose of color applied to the BB. Not only is BB stylish but in bathrooms can also serve to be very functional in keeping the space feeling clean and free of any wall scuffs.

Dinning rooms enveloped in BB can create a sense of drama and style. Moody and dramatic, classic and inviting BB is the common denominator in helping to achieve those looks.


Using BB in a smaller bedroom can serve as a faux headboard. I just complete a project in a coastal inspired bedroom that lacked space, but is big on style.

Depending on the look and feel you are after, BB can serve your styling needs in any space.

Bye for Now


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- Tatum


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