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Three Reasons to Want Bottle Brush Trees In Your Home

Hello Decor Friends,

Do you know what the hottest, most trending decor item is for the holidays this year? In fact, this item is moving beyond the trending category into a holiday classic. Any guesses? Well the answer is the bottle brush tree. Inexpensive, loads of variety and easily accessible, these miniature trees are becoming one of my favorite WINTER decor items. That’s right, these trees can be used during the holidays but can take your decor right through the winter.

They work with any decor style

They are family and wallet friendly

They can be used all winter long

I’ve put together 5 DIY projects for you in a 4-part video workshop that walks you step by step through some gorgeous holiday/winter decor projects. And as an added bonus. I’ve made a shopping tip sheet with retailers and suggestions for choosing the perfect trees for your home.

You are going to love this! For $10 the video download is ready for you today.

Bye for Now Friends,



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