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Three Tips For Trimming Your Tree Like A Pro

Hello Decor Friends,

Whether you have a faux or fresh tree, I wanted to share with you 3 designer tips you can try this year when styling your tree.

Pro Tip #1

When adding ornaments, stick with a theme,. A common element can be the thread that creates your ’theme”. Here are some theme ideas. By sticking to a tighter color story the repetition of color or hue will create a cohesive look. Tree style, think coastal, rustic, kids tree, any type of “theme” creates a cohesive look. Sticking to a specific material can create a theme too. A tree trimmed out in all paper ornaments and paper garland has a “loose theme”.


Designer Tip

When styling a tree with a specific color story, adding interest to the tree by using different shapes, sizes, textures, hues and tones of ornament will keep your tree from looking flat and boring.


Pro Tip #2

Using an interesting container to dress up the base of the tree automatically ups your Christmas tree game. Crocks, baskets, crates, wagon, large buckets, are just a few containers you can try.

Pro Tip #3

Add color and softness to your tree with ribbon. Wide, wired ribbon looks fantastic cascading down in vertical sections on a tree. Wired ribbon is easier to work with as you can manipulate it and it keeps its shape and form as opposed to a floppier ribbon.


Designer Tip

Decorating a tree is an up close and personal job. Take a couple steps back, and look to see if there are any clumps or gaps in the branches. Ask yourself if there is anything distracting. Take a break, snap a picture of your tree and walk away for a few minutes. The camera lens will offer you a different perspective and will help you see your tree through a new set of eyes.


Have I inspired you to try something new this year on your tree? Style like a pro this season to create a tree that reflects your personality.

Bye For Now



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