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Tips For Decorating With Faux Greenery

Hello Decor Friends,

It’s the end of November, have you started decorating for the holidays? With American Thanksgiving in the real view mirror of 2021, I thought I would give you a few tips when it comes to decorating with faux greenery. I have come to appreciate the look and ease of decorating with artificial greenery. Can I offer you some tips and tricks on how you can utilize faux greenery in your decor?

Why I love faux, NO MESS! The fragrance of fresh greenery is AMAZING but with the falling needles, the potential of bugs here in the south fresh greenery can mean a lot of clean up and upkeep. Not something I am looking for during the busiest time of the year.

For you fresh evergreen lovers out there, think about easing into faux by adding some sprays of faux on your mantle or staircase. I promise you will be so relieved that cleaning up dried up needles will be minimal.

If you are a faux fan, think about using sprigs of fresh. The aroma is fantastic and adds to the enjoyment of the season.

When choosing artificial greenery here are a few tips and tricks I use when purchasing and styling faux pic’s.


Designer Tip

You want your faux greenery to look as realistic as possible.


  1. Choose sprays that are real life size. Ensure they have the correct sized pinecone or berry on them.

  2. Make sure the color of the leaves are realistic. Sometimes the “green” can look very manufactured.

  3. Shop sales. Artificial will last you years to come, so you may have to invest a few more doller’s upfront.

  4. Shop local decor shops as well as the big box craft stores. You will find interesting and unique sprays in smaller stores.

  5. Consider purchasing a realistic looking garland and cut it apart. You will get lots of greenery from that purchase.

When styling faux

  1. Take the time to fluff, bend and arrange each branch individually. This is the added bonus of faux. You can move it to whatever position you want.

  2. Mix greens. You will get a more natural look in your arrangements, wreaths and garland.

  3. If you like the look of “snowy greens” chose sprays that have a light dusting of snow. If they are too heavy on the faux snow, your branch will look unrealistic. This is the same principle to apply which purchasing sparkly greens. A little goes a long way!

  4. Add in ornaments, bells, pinecones, berries or nuts to create interest in your arrangements.

  5. Adding dried leaves such as the magnolia, adds to the visual dimension of your arrangements, wreath or garland.

There you have it friends, will you give it a try, decorating with both faux and fresh evergreens this season?

Be inspired by these holiday favorites.

The contrast of the three types of greenery makes this faux arrangements look realistic, with the added bonus of no mess.

A faux sprig of greenery and pinecones, makes this safe for the kitchen while adding holiday style to functional canisters.

Faux and fresh make this garland a show stopper. The texture and color look gorgeous together adorned with a little sparkle from ornaments and a silky bow to finish off the look.

How many different greenery can you count in this arrangement. Can you determine which ones are faux and which varieties are fresh?

Mix texture, color and shape.

You’ve got this! Send me pictures of you faux and fresh arrangements this holiday season. I can’t wait to see what you create.

Bye For Now,



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