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Top 3 Decorating Principles for Outdoors.

Hello Decor Friends,

Today I wanted to bring you 3 tips to creating a resort worthy backyard. With summer plans still up in the air for many of you, your backyard and outdoor spaces may be the “staycation” destination this summer. Think about these 3 principles as you are pulling your outdoor spaces today.

Mix & Match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match materials when it comes to your outdoor furniture. Wood and metal, wicker and teak can all work well together if there is a commonality that acts as the thread between them all. That could be your throw pillows, or an area rug.


Designer Tip

Using an outdoor area rug is a fantastic way to define a seating area or a conversation area.


Take a cue from your natural surroundings. Is there a color that may be repeated in your garden beds that you can bring into your dinning or conversation area? Is there a color missing that you would like to incorporate? These cues could help you create a cohesive color story for your outdoor space.

Add more greenery: I know I just said to take a cue from your natural surroundings, but adding more greenery in flower pots and urns is a no fail way to add additional color and texture to your space.

There you have it friends. With some attention and intentionality your outdoors spaces will be “the place” to spend time with family and friends this summer.

Bye For Now,



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