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Trendy or Timeless

Hello Decor Friends,

One of my most favorite things about interior design, is that design and style are means to tell a story. The history, the present and perhaps the future of those who call their house, their home is part of the story.

A question I receive all the time is if a “piece” or a “color” is trendy or timeless. This is a great question when you are planning and purchasing “fixed items” like flooring, cabinets, and tile. Items that you do not want to be changing I generally recommend choosing more classic, timeless looks.

Trend items can be thought of as “disposable”. Once they have worn out their shelf life, they can easily (time, and wallet friendly) be replaced. Accessories are a great way to incorporate a trendier item. Even items like hardware, lighting and furniture can easily be replaced and generally do not require a tradesperson to do so.

Today I wanted to share with you some timeless vs trendy inspiration pics. You have heard me say that black is a classic, timeless color. The way you utilize black will either be trendy or classic.

Photos courtesy of Maria Killiam

I hope you have found these pictures inspirational. They highlight the decorating super power of black in both a trendy and classic way. Merging both looks can be achieved, however you want to be intentional in where you spend your money.

Have these pictures inspireed you to think about your spaces any differently?

Bye For Now



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