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Unique Ways to Display Photos

Hello Decor Friends,

Happy Friday. Today, as promised I wanted to send you some inspiration with unique ways to display your family photo’s.


Designer Tip

If you want a uniformed look, such as a grid pattern, be sure to use the continuity of the same color frame or mat. This helps to keep the look cohesive. (#4) Don’t be afraid to use the entire wall. Your photo wall will become a focal point in your space.


If you like the look of uniform with a little bit of whimsy, consider using different shapes of frames, keeping some continuity such as frame color, or coloring of photo’s.(#1) (#6)

Want to change things up completely, consider using a photo ledge (#2), a branch (5), or an exhibit photo display (#3)

I personally love a photo ledge and use it in many of my design projects. It allows you to display other objects, such as greenery to add additional interest to the wall.

Hanging prints (#5) is a very unstructured, youthful look. Keeping the photo’s a consistent color allows the eye to read the display as one, while allowing each photo to shine.

In case you are wanting additional ideas on displaying your photo’s, Pinterest is a wonderful source for inspiration.

Have a fabulous weekend friends,

Bye For Now,



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