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Weekend Decor Challenge

Hello Decor Friends,

I hope you get to enjoy some R&R this long weekend. If you are planning on doing a little seasonal switch from late summer to early fall, I wanted to give you some visual inspiration to utilize one of my all time favorite decor accessories.

Why do I love this accessory so much? Well, I’m so glad you asked.

It is an accessory that:

  • Looks great year round

  • Is available in all different shapes, sizes, materials and styles

  • Can be used alone, or grouped together.

  • Indoor decor, outdoor or both

  • Looks great by day or night

  • A fabulous vessel to fill and embellish with a nod to the current season

Any guess’s?

The lantern. Forever one of my go-to accessories. When you look at these photos, notice, how they are grouped and styled. I challenge you to repurpose your lanterns differently this season.

Photos thanks to Pinterest

Enjoy your weekend. I’d love to see how you style your lanterns. Send me a pic!

Bye For Now



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