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What Do You Collect?

Hey Decor Friends,

Today I wanted to send you a quick, do this over the weekend, kind of design tip. Let’s talk about collections, and how you can harness the power of grouping like items together, like a Pro.

Let’s start with a bookcase. Do you have one in your home ? Well, one of the fastest and most design savvy tricks is to group like items together such as books. Let’s say you have a book shelf and a pile of books sitting on the floor, you can make your shelves look styled. Make your books work for you as decor. Group the colors of the spines together. Keep all the red spines together, green ect. Line them up on your shelf, or break them up by placing some of the groupings together vertically and horizontally. If you have a mismatched pile of books, consider flipping the books around and have the page side out. This also creates a visual grouping as the color of the pages become the unifying factor.

You can apply this type of design principle to really any collection. In your kitchen, if you collect plates or baskets, consider hanging the baskets on the wall- all together, not separately. A large collection is much more visually appealing and adds fantastic decor points.

Are you a collector of plates? Consider grouping those together in a glass door cabinet. Again, group them according to color. What a fantastic display you will have that can add color, texture, and shape while telling the story of something that you love.

  • Plants- look better together then alone.

  • Mugs- look better together then alone

  • Picture Frames- look better together then alone

Get the idea?

Collections look better together than alone.

I would love to see pictures of your groupings. Send me your pictures. Find me on instagram @cavendishlane and FB at TatumLCroft. I would love for you to join me there for daily inspirations.

Bye For Now



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