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Where Is Your Pouf?

Hello Decor Friend!

Welcome to the many new faces here. My goal is to provide you quick and easy decorating tips and tricks that you can implement in your home. They will arrive by noon each Friday morning. We just finished up a 3 week series on common decorating mistakes and how to avoid them. If you missed those tidbits of information, feel free to scroll back in the blog library. They are archived there.

Today I wanted to introduce you to a “new to me” decorating accessory that I have found to be functional and stylish.

Drum roll please……….Meet the pouf, or the cube as some may call it.

My new found affinity for the pouf came out of covid. I purchased two poufs for our screened in porch as we were needing additional spaces to sit and be, as it felt like those early covid days, the walls were closing in. Can anyone relate? I am so glad I did. They have turned out to be one of the most stylish and functional pieces I have purchased in a long time.

Why do I love poufs so much, I’m glad you asked.

  • Pouf’s offer wonderful additional seating when needed.

  • They can double up as additional tabletop real estate. Put a tray on a pouf and you have instant serving space.

  • Poufs are also super light so they can be easily transported anywhere. The poufs have found the way out into the backyard when we are needing additional seating or tabletop space on our deck.

A couple of tips I want to arm you with if you are considering purchasing a pouf. Not all poufs are created equal.

  1. Before purchasing ensure that the fabrication is an outdoor fabric, not just the cover of the pouf but the inside of the pouf itself. Many online resources will post a pouf as being indoor/outdoor, and after further investigation it becomes clear they are not outdoor savvy. So friend, tip number one ensure the fabrication is outdoor appropriate.

  2. Be very aware of the specifications of the fabric. It is washable? Is it family friendly if that is a consideration for your space. Is it stain resistant, wipeable, waterproof or water resistant- there is a difference!

  3. Make a pouf work WITH your decor. If you choose to use them on a daily basis, ensure the cover of your pouf coordinates with your existing furnishings. If you choose to go with a wild botanical print for instance, know your pouf will become your focal point if you have neutral furnishings. Purely preference, just be aware before you purchase. If you want your pouf to blend in and become apart of your existing space, look for a color that is already introduced into your space. This will keep your space looking cohesive. Just be intentional with your pouf purchase.

Here are a couple photo’s of my favorite poufs. As you can see, poufs do not need to be rectangular. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Do you own a pouf? Are you considering a pouf? Let me know I’d love to hear from you. You can find me on all the socials - check them out below.

Bye For Now,



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