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Woven Wonders

Hello Decor Friends,

Today I wanted to share with you a sure fire winning accessory for your summer decor. And there is variety to choose from, available at all price points and can be used as a transitional piece into fall.

Let me introduce you to my friend “Woven”. She come in everything from funriute to table decor, textiles to functional pieces. The color options are vast but the one thing that remains true of “woven” is that she has amazing texture that will bring a visual layer to any space. Monochromatic friends, texture needs to be your BFF. Woven promises just that. Consider woven that friend who adds a little spice. A little something to your room.

If you own a basket you have something woven in your home. If you have wicker in your home, you have already been introduced to woven. Friends, add more woven into your life. She can be used in any room in your home. Let me inspire you with ways to introduce her into your home.

Rugs, rugs and more rugs. Fabulous texture, a variety of colors and styles.

Woven tabletop textiles come in an array of colors, and make a tabletop pop. The texture alone gives some spice to a table but paired with a color can really add interest and wow to your tabletop settings.

You know there are very few items that I collect, well pillow covers is my decor addition and I can admit it. Woven covers can offer color, and texture to any public and private area in your home.

Designer Tip

When purchasing pillow covers be sure they have a zipper so they can be taken on and off easily so you can use with existing inserts.

Baskets are the perfect way to show your woven style savvy. Use them as an unexpected vessel for a plant, storage, decor, organization. The sky is the limit.

Furniture can have a hint of woven goodness on it. Takes a very utilitarian piece and adds a bit of whimsy.

There you have it friends, a few ideas to bring “woven” into your home.

Bye For Now,



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