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Wrapping Things Up

Hello Decor Friends

So, it’s 1 week away from the big day. Wherever you are in your present buying, wrapping moments, I thought it would be fun to inspire you with a few unique ideas to wrap your gifts this year. Since Christmas 2020 is so different, why not give a new type of wrapping a whirl.

Adding anything organic such as a leaf or a pinecone makes every package look extra special.

Picking a unique color and using it for all your packages, makes it your signature style for 2020.

Mixing metallics is a gorgeous, easy way to mix and match odds and ends when wapping.

Color blocking is a fun way to add an unexpected pop of monochromatic color. Personalize any gift with hand picked colors.

Want a new way to give cash? Try rolling the bills and attaching to a vintage car.

Stacking boxes gives you some creativity when arranging the boxes. Think snowman, sugar plum fairy, reindeer or even the grinch. What Christmas characters come to mind that could bring joy to any littles in your life?

There you have it friends……quick, easy and unique ways to wrap up your holiday packages. Hope you have been inspired to try something new. Happy Wrapping.

Bye For Now,



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