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10 ways to love your home, right now.

Hello Decor Friends,

Today, I wanted to share my top 10 tips for loving your home. None of these ideas break the bank and can add some enjoyment back into the place you call home.

1. Restyle a few high-impact spaces in your home. Bookshelves, coffee tables, mantel, and dressers are the perfect places to change up your current decor. If you missed my coffee table challenge, read my best tips for restyling a tabletop.

2. Change out a lampshade. Lampshades can very quickly date your space. Opt for round or drum styles. They are classic and will stand the test of decorating trends. If you are looking for some flair, consider adding a decorative shade.

3. Dust your baseboards. A once-over will brighten up any room.

4. Swap out your switch plates. Replace any old plastic covers with sleek, more modern-looking plates. Splurge on paintable switch plates, paint them your wall color for a seamless look.

5. Deal with ugly wires. Cords are a necessary evil, and you can be intentional about putting them away and hiding them with twist ties.

6. Repot your houseplants. Give your plants a new home. Pick fun, decorative vessels that add personality and life to a space.

7. Add a throw blanket. With the winter chill in the air, a gorgeous chunky blanket in a fabulous color and/or texture can add flair and function to any space.

8. Update your light bulbs. Ensuring the color and wattage are all the same in one room will bring a natural cohesion and immediately change the feeling of a space.

9. Choose a signature scent for your winter house. Allow your nose to guide your choice. Only burn that one scent throughout your home, and voila, you have created your very own signature scent.

10. Replace an old mirror with a new mirror. Mirrors bounce light around, making them a functional element in a room, but can add so much flair with the shape and framing options.

Bye For Now Friends,

Let me know if you choose to tackle any of these suggestions.



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