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3 Quick Decor Ideas For Memorial Weekend

Hello Decor Friends,

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of celebrations with those you love. If you are hosting and are looking for a few last minute ideas for your get together- look no further.

3 easy decor ideas for Memorial Weekend:

1. Patriotic Mason Jar Centerpieces:

  • Take a few Mason jars and clean them thoroughly.

  • Fill each jar with water and add red and blue food coloring to create vibrant colors.

  • Place white carnations or daisies in the jars as floral arrangements.

  • Tie a red or blue ribbon around the neck of each jar for an added touch.

  • Arrange the jars as a centerpiece on your dining table or around your outdoor space.

2. DIY Memorial Day Garland

  • Gather red, white, and blue cardstock or construction paper.

  • Cut out triangle-shaped pieces from the papers, ensuring they are all the same size.

  • Use a hole puncher to make two holes at the top corners of each triangle.

  • Thread a piece of string or ribbon through the holes of each triangle, creating a garland.

  • Hang the garland across your porch, patio, or any suitable area to add a festive touch.

3. Memorial Day Luminaries:

  • Collect empty glass jars or containers of various sizes.

  • Apply adhesive American flag stickers or small flag inside the mason jar.

  • Fill the jars about one-third full with sand or small pebbles.

  • Insert small, battery-powered tea lights or candles into the jars.

  • Arrange the luminaries along your walkway, porch, or patio for a warm and inviting glow during the evening.

Bye For Now,



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