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Add color to your life

Hello Decor Friends,

Are the winter blues getting you down? It’s right about now that I remember being over winter when I lived in Ontario. Today we enjoy a very tempered winter’s day in NC but I do understand how grey skies and windy days can start to get old.

This past month I have suggested to you 3 different ways your home may be looking outdated. A red brick fireplace, old boring light fixtures and lastly outdated, window dressings. Check out last weeks blog.

Today, let’s add some light and brightness to your home. My favorite way to do so is through paint. It is the most cost efficient, DIY project that can be tackled and completed in a weekend.

Can I show you some of my favorite colors right now to think about using for your walls. Be inspired and let yourself daydream about what could be, or what if!


Designer Tip

Paint can be easily changed out. It is virtually “commitment free”. You need not be color phobic when it comes to paint. Sampling paint stickers through samplize or purchasing small sample sizes at your paint store, will ensure you love a color before you go and roll your walls. Feel free to check out Samplize, the sticker paint service I use ALL THE TIME. If you choose to order a sample, I do receive a small compensation. Just want to be fully transparent with ya!


Ready, here are a few of my favorite paint colors this season.


BM White Dove is a soft, off white beige color. It feels warm and creamy.

SW City Loft is a unique neutral paint color. A soft gray/beige, some may consider it a “greige”.


SW Bracing Blue 6242 playful, gentle blue with grey undertones.

Magnolia Home by Kilz Rainy Days, a powder blue with a grey tint.


SW Succulent 9650, a dusty green color, with winks of gray.

SW Coastal Plain 6192, calm cool green.

Do any of these paint colors inspire you to think differently about your walls?

Bye For Now



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