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How to Display Your Collections

Hello Decor Friends,

We are in the midst of chatting about decorating resolutions for ’22. Be sure to check out last weeks post if you missed the kick off to this mini series.

This week we will be talking about resolution 3 & 4. Display with purpose and Go Green.

January is the perfect month to pare down and declutter as we discussed last week. Many of my clients own different types of decor collections Displaying your collections is the key to being able to enjoy them in your space. Today I wanted to challenge you to display your collections with purpose and intentionality. This may mean, paring down your collections, choosing your favorite pieces and packing the others away. It may mean grouping your items together so they create visual impact in your space as opposed to scattering items haphazardly around. It may mean thinking about a new or different pieces of furniture, shelf or other functional medium to display your collection.

I want to point out to you that in each of these pictures below, similar items are grouped together. Shape and color are two easy ways you can start sorting your collections to display them with purpose.


Designer Tip

If you imagine your collections as artwork, you allow yourself to think outside the box when displaying your items.


Go Green, is the my 4th decor resolutions. As you can see from the inspiration pictures, greenery, either real or faux adds wonderful texture, whimsy and color to any space. The way you display your greenery can take you from new horticulturist to decor savvy horticulturist.

Your collections bring you joy, have memories attached to them, and probably a bit of nostalgia. Consider year 2022 the year that you purposefully display your collections, and or begin a new collection. You can’t go wrong with adding greenery to your space. The organic form and functionality of greenery could become your new 2022 decorating resolution.

Are you inspired to change up how you display your collections?

Will a new plant be making its way into your space this January?

Bye For Now,



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