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Pillow Perfection - Week 2

Hello Decor Friends,

This week we are jumping right into our pillow mini series. In case you missed it here is what the next few weeks are going to look like here at the Cavendish Lane Design Blog.

Pillows have the power to change the look and feel of any space. Today we are chatting about choosing the perfect pillow color story for your space. By the end of this mini series all the mystery around pillow perfection will all be revealed and you will confidently be able to chose what looks best for your space.

Ready, here we go. The color story of your pillows can be bold or can be subtle. Decide first what feeling you are going for. Do you want to highlight a secondary color in your space? Pillows are an excellent way to do so. Do you want to keep your space feeling cohesive with very little color contrast? Then is sounds like you are wanting to stay with a subtle pillow contrast.


Designer Tip

Remember pillows can be easily switched out from season to season. This allows you the flexibility to change up your pillow color story. Invest in great pillow inserts and purchase pillow covers with zippers for the ease and convenience of changing out your pillow covers.


When you have decided if you want higher contrast, a bold look or lower contrast which we are calling a more subtle look, start playing around with shades and tones of the color story. By being intentional with your color story, your pillow plan will help bring your room together in a meaningful and personalized way.

This is an example of a lower color contrast look. Shades of honey and caramel.

This is an example of a higher contrast look, a bolder color story.

Both are gorgeous, it is just a matter of determining what is best for your space and what represents your home. Do not be bossed around by the pillows that came with your sofa friend. Purchasing pillow covers with zippers allows you to easily switch them out for something of your liking and choosing.

If you are feeling stuck as to the color way you should go, look around your space. Do you have one color that is represented in artwork? In an area rug, a favorite color of yours? Start there.

Still feeling stuck? Remove the pillows you currently have on your sofa, or bed, whatever you are looking to change things up. Our eyes like familiarity, so by removing all the pillows you can start with a blank slate.

Decorating is a process and you my friend are on the journey. Thanks for joining me this week. Your homework, determine if you want a bold or subtle look using textiles on your furnishings. This is the first decision in determining you perfect pillow color story.

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Bye for now



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