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Pillow Perfection - Week 3

Learn to mix pattern and texture like a pro.

Hey Decor Friends,

We are buzzing along in our mini series about perfecting your pillow game. Pillows are an inexpensive way to change color and add personality into any space. For those of you who are commitment phobic, pillows are a fabulous way to play around with color, texture and pattern without committing for a lifetime.

Today, let’s talk about mixing texture and pattern like a pro. If you are just join gin us, welcome. You can see what you have missed in the first part of our mini series.

If you have a subtle color story, YOU NEED TEXTURE AND PATTERN. Without texture and pattern your space will feel flat. Texture and patterns adds visual layers to a space, and if you have a monochromatic color story in your space, pattern and texture are your new BFF'S.

One of the greatest decorating benefits when adding pillows to your sofa is that it instantly adds texture no matter what throw pillow you are using. You are layering unto your sofa, or bed or chair.


Designer Tip

Layering is an important design element.


When you think texture picture smooth, rough, nubby, soft, silky and more. In your minds eye, if you can picture all silky pillows on a sofa, the look would be boring, too much of the same thing. Now if you contrast a silky pillow with a nubbly, woven pillow, well now you have introduced contrast in small doses, which instantly livens up the space.

When it comes to mixing pattern, I want you to think in terms of opposites. If you chose a large floral for instance, to balance it out you could choose a thin pinstripe or a small gingham check. The balance between the scale of the patterns is what makes your pillow arrangement shine. The interest is created in the contrast between small, medium and large.

Here are a few visual examples. Can you pick out the small, medium and large scales?

Are your creative juices flowing? Are you inspired to pair together a new combination of textiles. Remember friends, decorating is a process. You are on the journey. Thank you for joining me this week.

Bye For Now,



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