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Quick look up!

Hello Decor Friends,

For the next few weeks we are chatting about quick fix projects in your home that can remove a time stamp and immediately give the sense that your home is updated.

Last week we chatted about red brick fireplaces and I suggested a few ways that you can easily give that fireplace a refresh.

Today let’s chat about builder grade light fixtures. Do any of these look familiar to you?

If so, keep reading. I’m going to give you some quick ides how you can easily update these fixtures without breaking the bank.

Starting from top left- did you know a bottle of spray paint in a matte black, can easily take this from outdated to current. I would suggest changing out the chandelier candles for something more current too. All of these items can be found at your local big box home improvement stare.

Top Right- change out the outdated glass bell shade. I would suggest something more streamlined like a cylinder and perhaps clear glass as opposed to frosted glass, will give you an immediate update and refresh. If you feel extra DIYish, this guy can also be spray painted a more current color.

Mid right- I’m sorry friends, this guy has just got to go. There is no saving him. However, there are plenty of options that can easily take his place from an online retailer and or home improvement centre.

Bottom left and right- these guys has seen better days also. I wouldn’t put the time into trying to bring them into 2023. Consider a new semi flush or flush light to replace those outdated guys.

Designer Tip #1

Did you know lightbulbs in a different color or wattage can also change the look and feel of a space. You want to make sure all the lighting is the same color and wattage in a space that shares different light sources. A quick and easy fix. Take a look around, do all your current bulbs work and are they all consistent.

Designer Tip #2

Here are a few examples of wonderful flush mount and semi flush lighting options to quickly update your space. Flush mount indicates a light is cozied up to the ceiling without any slace. Semi flush indicates a “hang” from the ceiling to lightbulb.

So friends, as you look around your home, consider a quick refresh by updating and or changing out old light fixtures.

Bye For Now,

See you next week,



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