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Trend Alert

Hello Decor Friends.

Have you noticed the scalloped furniture trend? It’s everywhere, indoor and outdoor scallops are popping up in home decor.

Trends–what do we do with them?

Designer Tip

Do not spend a lot of money on trending items, they will not last. If you like a trend add a small piece, an accessory, something that you can get rid off when you are bored of the style or it has run its course. Every trending item will become available at differing price points, keep you eye open for just the right item for you and your home. Do not let a trend boss you around 😉


I love the idea of using an outdoor umbrella in the scalloped pattern. A small piece of furniture, like an accent table or smaller yet, a picture frame.

Trends can be a drain on your budget, be a savvy shopper when you are buying trending items.

Bye For Now

- Tatum


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