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What is Your Signature Scent?

How’s the week been? Working on any fun and exciting decor projects?

I wanted to close out our chat about decorating with our senses today. If you've missed the previous posts in the series, here they are: Use Your Sense of Sight to Decorate, No More Flat and Boring... Decorate with Texture, The Perfect Decor Accessory, . So without further adieu let’s talk about how our sense of hearing and smell can enhance and direct our decorating decisions.

Let your ears enhance your view.

What sounds come to mind when you want to relax? Perhaps it’s the sound of the ocean, or a babbling brook. Maybe its the crackle of a fire? Perhaps music brings you joy and can change the atmosphere in a room. Ladies, all these sounds can be incorporated into your home. Ambient noise not only delights but helps us experience a space. Did you know there are candles on the market that sound like a crackling fire. Do you have a water feature that you can start enjoying? Have you listened to the array of sounds that are available on nature app’s. Calm, peaceful, energetic, fun, whatever the mood is you want to experience in your space, engage you auditory sense to help in the overall experience in a room. Do not omit your sense of sound in your decorating.

Signature Scent

Okay finishing up with our sense of smell. Our olfactory sense will either encourage us to stay and spend more time in a room, or will urge us to leave a space. I’m sure you can remember being in a space that had a “funky” smell. And I’m guessing you couldn’t wait to get out of that space. So friends, lets make sure our homes smell good. You have heard me comment on this before but you cannot be mixing a different scent in every room of your home. Scent overload works against your desire to create welcoming places. You don't want to become nose blind.

Whatever your scent or method of scent is, stick to one per floor of your home. And, can I give you one more tip, the changing of the seasons can be a reminder to change up the scent you use in your home. Pumpkin, citrus, peppermint, gingerbread are all wonderful smells for their related seasons, just remember scent is meant to enhance and help us make sense of a space. Gingerbread in July, does not make sense 😉

There you have it. I hope you found our little mini series helpful. Using our senses to help guide and direct our decorating is a wonderful gift we all have.What is one sense can you hone into this weekend? Allow your senses to give you a fresh perspective in these days of shelter.

Bye for now Friend.



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